Afzalsho Shodiev — Live In-Concert (2011) | Samarqand

The People's Artist of Tajikistan, Hoji Afzalshoh-i Shodi was born in 1960 in Panjakent District, Veloyati Sughd, Tajikistan. His repertoire mainly includes patriotism, romance and importance of having great values. His songs are based mainly from poetry of late Loeiq, Gulnazar, Mehrinisso, Ozarakhsh, and classical Taik-Persian poets (Sayyido, Hafez, Jaloluddini Balkhi, Rudaki etc). His hits include "Mohira-bonu," "Zamiri Rudaki," "Oli Somon" and others. His mentor is the People's Artist of the USSR, ustod Jurabek Murodov.

This concert, entitled Loeiq Vidoyat Kardu Raft ("Лоик видоят карду рафт"), has been presented in commemoration of 70th birthday of one of the greatest modern-day Tajik poets, late (marhoom) Loeiq Sherali. The concert dates to May 2011.

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