Cheeki Breeki Chebureki (ЧЕБУРЕКИ) – Cooking with Boris

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Let's cook chebureki. At cousin Anatoli's place.
Objective is not to burn house down and not wake everyone up with the excess cheeki breeki.
Cooking with Boris is very easy if you follow video and do not try to skip most important part like adding salt and vodka.

For dough:
1 egg
3 cups flour
1 shot of vodka
1 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup water
sunflower seed oil

For filling
400g/14oz beef or pork minced meat
Some green onion, parsley and dill
Some ground black pepper
3 teaspoons salt

Serve with parsley and dill
Eat with side of mayonez

Good luck and enjoy!

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I make funny cheeki breeki slav videos of gaming and cooking.
Slav squatting is in my blood and semechki in my hand.
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85 Replies to “Cheeki Breeki Chebureki (ЧЕБУРЕКИ) – Cooking with Boris”

  1. LyricRhapsody

    Hey, Boris! I just wanted to thank you for these amazing recipes. I’ve recently gone through a few of them, including simechki halva and your potato salad, but I have to say this chebureki has to be my favorite. Sadly, i didn’t have any onions, so I substituted them for red, yellow, and orange peppers with dried onion flakes and powdered garlic. Turned out awesome! Gave some to my mother and she won’t stop talking about my cooking now. LOL! Thanks for making cooking actually feel fun, Boris. Stay cheeki breeki my friend!

  2. SmashWolf

    Dear Boris,
    You have given me the courage to make these myself, so simple!
    However I didn’t follow recipe exactly, I had no minced meat or Dill, but I did have authentic Canadian side bacon, and when mixing the filling, I threw in about a table spoon of maple syrup. Its not slav magic but Its a canadian/slav hybrid kind of magic! Your videos are both entertaining and very informative, and I hope to see more as time goes on~

    From, A canadian who had to go buy eggs just make these

  3. Jarick Caesar

    Boris, i don’t know if you will see this message, but i hope you do.
    i’ve made this for dinner today and my parents liked it so much that they decided to add it to the fried food festival’s menu that my town holds in june, so thank you.
    italian western spy

  4. Chirosca the Non-slav Communist

    I just realized that 80% of what my mom cooks, it’s origins are from Russia.
    Which, to be honest sound reasonable since they both speak Russian and stayed for a couple of time in Moscow with my uncle. Also my father says BLIN! and BLYAT! *a L O T.*

    *From outside,*
    *like western spy,*
    *but inside,*
    *pure slav guy.*

  5. df fd

    We are making this meal in Turkey and we call it “çiğbörek” “çiğ-börek”. i mean “çiğ” means “raw” and “börek” means “patty”. The most of this patty is made in Eskişehir which most of the city is Tatars. I dont know if its a Turkic or slavic meal but if you pay attention to the name, it has meanings in Turkish and Tatars are a Turkic folk so Slavs must have seen this meal from them. With best regards i am not trying to make an argument but just realised a strange thing and wanted to share it with you we all are humans so please dont be rude to me because of this comment

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