Circumcision party (surnat toy) in Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Due to our interest in wedding customs, our tour guide tried to find a wedding dinner for us to gatecrash in Uzbekistan. When in Samarkand, he thought he found it in a neighbouring restaurant and asked for permission so we could attend. Only when we entered did we realise it was a CIRCUMCISION celebration for a newborn, and boy, was it grand, almost like a wedding! The gentleman in a tie is apparently a famous Uzbek singer. Guy to the right of the guide is the proud grandfather.

Like how hospitable all Uzbeks are, they welcomed us Singapore guests warmly and we were supposed to drink a toast of good Russian vodka to the baby, which we changed to JUICE and congratulated them (Our guide said don't drink if we couldn't cos 'I don't want a problem tomorrow :p haha). Since in Russia/Central Asia a bottle of vodka opened is rarely left unfinished, we quickly 'escaped' after a while. Plus there was horse and other xxx meats. This was indeed one of the surprise highlights of our trip.

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