How to make Samsa (Uzbek Somsa) sambusa — Самса

Hi, My name is Mahsa Ghasemi and I want to show you how to cook Uzbek Samsa.
What we need:
Onion: 1 Kg.
Lamb meat (with fat): 1/2 Kg.
Paste (Dough): 1 Kg.
Cumin (Caraway) powder: 1 spoon
salt and other spices (such as black pepper): as you wish
How to:
1- Slice the onions,
2- Chop the meet in very small pieces,
3- Mix the meat, sliced onions and spices well, (Wait for 1/2 hour to get ready)
4- Spread the ready paste (Dough),
5- Cut the spread paste with a round frame in 6 — 7 inches,
6- Put some meat in the center of the paste and close it with your hands,
7- Put all the samsas in the grill tray and put them in the grill for 25 minutes of 250 C' temperature (when ready the color of the samsas should get dark brown)
***Bon Appetite***

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