How to make shashlik like a Slav (Shashlyk recipe) — Cooking with Boris

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A simple cooking instruction to making shashlik the Slav way. Recipe also included.
Starting with a marinade and finishing with meat on hot coals.
Cook like a true Slav with Boris.

1kg pork
olive oil
vinegar (balsamic or regular)
soy sauce
spice mix (optional)
salt and pepper
lemon juice
1 onion (1 more for grilling)
2 garlic cloves
mayonez and ketchup for serving

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83 Replies to “How to make shashlik like a Slav (Shashlyk recipe) — Cooking with Boris”

  1. George Perakis

    Greetings from southern Greece. You cooking technique is impeccable Boris, but this recipe looks like it would take far too much time for me out of my busy Greek schedule of not paying taxes or debts and drinking frappe coffee, it also looks like it needs far too much effort, and I am lazy Greek after all, my energy is precious. So I’ll just go make souvlaki. Or better yet, I’ll tell my Albanian employees that I don’t pay to go make my souvlaki. And then I’ll ask Merkel for more euro.
    Good video nonetheless Boris.

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