Native Dish: Bukharian Jewish Bakhsh Rice – NYC Immigrant Cuisine: Manashe Khaimov

A few weeks before the 9/11 attacks in New York, a 14-year-old Manashe Khaimov and his family emigrated from Samarkand, Uzbekistan to Rego Park, Queens, joining other Bukharian Jewish families in the area seeking prosperity, religious freedom and educational opportunities. Over time, while enjoying the freedom and diversity of New York City, Manashe grew stronger ties to his identity and traditions, eventually becoming an educator and an organizer within his community.

Today, Manashe, 31, leads the Jewish Silk Road Tours, introducing New Yorkers to a taste of his community and culture–including food, culture, music and religious sites–and in this episode, also offers a taste of his family's ancient recipe for Bakhsh, a parsley-infused rice dish using Uzbek pilaf, green tea, shoulder beef, salt and pepper, all boiled in a traditional cotton sack.

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