Truck of Peace Uzbekistan Strikes NYC; Diversity Red Carpet Laid out by Chuck Schumer (REACTION)

Multiple officials have identified the alleged truck driver who mowed down pedestrians Tuesday in lower Manhattan, killing eight and injuring about a dozen more, as 29-year-old Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov. Officials are calling the incident “an act of terror.”

According to many witnesses, Saipov shouted “Allahu Akbar” upon exiting a Patterson, New Jersey Home Depot rental truck after intentionally driving the wrong way on a busy bike lane near the World Trade Center — the site of the deadliest terror attack on U.S. soil. After striking several people, witnesses say he “crashed deliberately into a school bus carrying at least three children,” CNBC reports. Leaving his vehicle with two imitation guns, he was shot in the abdomen by police, according to NYPD.

Officials later found a hand-written note in the truck Saipov drove that pledged allegiance to ISIS.

The Democrats’ Senate leader, N.Y. Sen. Chuck Schumer helped create the diversity visa program which reportedly provided a green card to the Islamic immigrant who allegedly killed eight New Yorkers on October 31. The diversity visa program was created in 1990 by then-Rep. Schumer in response to Irish lobbies in his New York district. Twenty-seven years later, it annually awards 50,000 visas by annual lottery to entrants from around the world, ensuring a cascade of subsequent chain-migrants.

Donald Trump has vowed to put an end to the aforementioned program and also “chain migration” which allows the family of a person already in the United States to get accelerated legal immigration into the United States.







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    • Vanessa Leighton

      Some White Guy Thank you 🙂 Even if I don’t get selected or the DV lottery gets cancelled(which is completely understandable), I still have other options. I could get a student visa, then a work visa and finally getting sponsored by a company for a green card. Another option would be the E-2 visa, but of course it isn’t easy, but that’s okay. If I want something, I will work hard for it. Americans are extremely lucky. You guys have so much freedom and opportunities. I love my country. We have true democracy and a lot of freedom, but because it is such a small country, there aren’t many opportunities here. I just want to do more in my life.

      Joey X Yes, which is why I am saving up as much money as I can and maybe I will get a part time job at Ikea or something.

    • Vanessa Leighton

      It is not that easy. If you get chosen, you have to get a police certificate of every country you have lived in the last 6 years and a medical exam is required. You also have to prove that you have at least $10000 or a job opportunity in the US, so that you don’t become a burder to the government. Minimum educational requirement is a highschool diploma or at least 2 years of work experience of a profession that needs training.

      I am from Switzerland and I actually entered this year, because getting a green card is extremely hard unless you are rich or have a family member(literally half the immigration visas are family based!) The immigration system of the US only seems to benefit those people while getting a work visa is very hard for people like me. And even after you have a work visa, the company has to sponsor you to get a green card and only some companies sponsor green cards.

  1. TheRapper10000

    This so called «diversity green card visa» just like with all Diversity Quotas are the Democrat’s ploy to remain on top and win votes for elections. The million dollar question is «What on earth ideology wise do you have in common with other people, and this ‘fake diversity nonsense’?» Please answer that people, if you love defending and supporting other cultures even if they have violent habit to them ‘in the name of peace’.

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