What Is Uzbek Food?

On the first episode in a new series from Eater called Cooking in America, host Pelin Keskin learns about Uzbek cuisine by shopping and cooking (and eating!) with Damira Inatullaeva, a cooking instructor at The League of Kitchens, who moved to Brooklyn from Uzbekistan in 2013.

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41 Replies to “What Is Uzbek Food?”

  1. Aziza M

    I love the video and its content. ♥
    But to be honest I can’t comprehend why this video and the uzbek cuisine is called a «Mash-Up of Cultural Influences». If you wanna be that exactly, every cuisine has its influences and origin and there’s food with its origin in uzbek cuisine! But I’ve never heard any cuisine called a «Mash-Up». How can one assume that Uzbek cuisine has absorbed everything from other cultures like this title says? The uzbek cuisine is so wonderful, don’t make it down with a title like this. 🙂

  2. The pepper man

    This is the shittiest Uzbek food I have ever seen, the woman doesnt even know how to make moshhorda, the girl should have found someone else or went to a choyxana in ny, and they forgot so many dishes.

    Eng rasvo Ozbek ovkat pishirarkan kampir, moshxordaga kim oru soladi. Bu qiz boshqa oyla topish kerakedi, new yorkdi choyxonaladan bittasiga borsa bolardi, va kop Ozbek taomlar qopketi. Bular bizani milliy taomlarimizni va madaniyatimizni notori korsati.

    • Ali

      z e n z e n y o k u n a i It’s common among all Islamic countries. A lot of Baltic countries like Kosovo and Bosnia even Romania and Armenia got cultural and food influence from Islamic countries and empires. The only people who do it wrong would be the Greeks who obviously got pita from the Arabs through Turkish influence but they are the only ones who actually eat the pita kind of improperly. They don’t break the bread and eat with their hands they use pita only as a sandwich lol.

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